Web site designed, implemented and deployed by facilitechIT

The Town Tinker Tubing Web Site was designed, implemented and deployed  with pride by facilitechIT, Inc.:

Read the case study about the process of developing a web site for Harry and Town Tinker Tube Rental worthy of the exciting adventures they consistently deliver by clicking this link to facilitechit.com.

Facilitech IT, Inc. provides a full offering of technical solutions leveraging extraordinarily deep experience at having led technology development and delivering Moviefone/777-FILM, all of AOL's entertainment products (including CompuServe and Netscape's), KickApps social networking platform and a host of other (*)highly scalable applications known and loved around the world.

(*)Note: KickApps scaled to 80 billion dynamic hits per month. The Facilitech IT Infrastructure is modeled after that infrastructure bringing redundant load balancers, Xeon Servers with Dual SSDs and 128GB of RAM, real time database and file system replication. several levels of security and backup done both on and off site.

We also offer cost effective solutions for Business Continuity, including encryption, hot mirroring of your essential systems, incremental backup, network security,  and the best Anti-Malware, Anti-Virus and Endpoint Protections solution available as a Symantec Partner (the subscription costs as little as $50 a year to protect five devices; comparable to consumer products in cost, crushes them in effectiveness). Don't let today's hostile online environment, socially engineered system threats, and natural disasters threaten all you cherish. Call us to day for a free initial discussion.

Note from Marc @ facilitech IT:

While we’re proud of the work we’ve done for Harry and The Town Tinker Tube Rental, we have to share that this is a must visit destination. I've enjoyed the area for decades and can’t say enough about the integrity Harry has in managing his business of delivering adventures within easy reach of the NY Metro Area. If you’re thinking about visiting a water park, or staking out an area of beach, this is a perfect, if not superior alternative that delivers thrills in an area that’s scenic, surrounded by nature, that exudes a soulful & genuine feel, and provides incredible opportunities to enjoy great food and shopping with friends; thrill by day, relax by night and be thoroughly recharged for the week ahead!

Facilitech IT Inc - Proudly building technical solutions for over three decades and for the Town Tinker Tube Rental